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Online pokies with bonus rounds

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So what is the difference between normal online pokies and these pokies that have bonus rounds? Well the logodiff3rence is in those bonus rounds, because they are a good way to increase your money balance. But these bonuses are not free, for you will have to work to earn them. There isn’t just one type of bonus rounds, and they are not won in the same fashion. Basic online pokies bonuses include multipliers and free spins and usual money rewards and more advanced bonuses on more advance online pokies unlock advancement in the story that online pokies game is based on which might or might not include some cash awards (in most cases they do). All of these bonuses are gained by matching certain combinations.

But there are truly free spins which are not earned but are given to you. They come through promotions which are used to attract new players. It’s a good opportunity for both the player and casino. Players will be able to enjoy free spins in their favorite online pokies and build up some bankroll without risking their own money and those online casinos will gain new players who will eventually bring profit through additional deposits. There are two kinds of these bonuses.

First kind is more common free spins and they are given in certain number, 10 free spins is standard number but you may find promotions that will give you over 100 free spins. Second type of these free spins is rarer and it comes with time limit rather than number of spins. For example you can be give a 5 minutes free spins which means that all spins that a143513505re played once you activate it are free as long as they are played in that 5 minute time frame. If you are dedicated online pokies player you might get some free spins through mail or some other form. Online casinos do this to honor your dedication to their games and to keep you happy.

Many free spins bonuses have requirements to unlock them and some of those bonuses require certain number of paylines played or certain amount of wager, so aiming at them from get-go is not smart.

Building a bankroll through free spins you got from a promotion or simply by playing online pokies with free spins is basic rule you should use eve without bonus round hunt. Once you have built a good bankroll you can aim for free spins bonuses or any other form of those bonuses. But be careful, don’t waste all your money on that hunt.

First thing you should do is to check how much can certain bonus give to you if you get it. And compare it with expected investment you will have to spend in order to get that bonus.

Some online casinos offer good bonuses, but requirements for those bonuses are atrocious and when you look at it from that angle they are not worth investing in.

Be sure to follow all relevant online casinos and sites that are featuring them because they might give away free spins on those sites.

Review of android pokies

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Review of android pokies

One of my friends asked me the other day to recommend him a good game for his android. I said that the choice is obvious. I recommended him a game called pokies. If you are not aware of its existence let me explain. This game is like slot machine game. You may know it also as fruits. It’s a shorter term for this name. I think I read it somewhere that this term is slang. But it doesn’t matter you all know what this game is. This the one game you see in all casino movies and TV shows. You pull the lever and you wait to see three or more same signs. Is it three or more that depends of game itself. Lots of versions are available in casinos, but know you can play it also on your mobile phones and other devices such as table and stuff. I am talking here about android pokies, because I have android. I am not sure are there pokies for iPhone and such but I’m sure of their existence. Anyway, android pokies are great entertainment and it’s great way of fun and relaxing. Over the past year I ran on different versions of android pokies and in few words, I will try to review it for you. You welcome.



1. Thunderstruck This thunder themed pokie is great fun. It consists of five-reel nine-payline slot. It has Thor as main character and he is represented through “Wild Symbol” that multiplies your winnings. You have free spins that can be activated if some symbols appear during the round. In case that only two symbols occur, you are win again.

2. Slotomania
As the commercial for this game says -The fruit has gone mad in Slotomania! There are 80,000 coins available in this 5-reel 14-payline pokie. Some say that this is a classic game. Maybe even pioneer in the world of android pokies. I think that this is a game with the best commercial success in android pokies world.

3. Mermaids Millionsfg As Thunderstruck this is also a 5-reel, 9-payline slot game. With water theme, you will have a lot of fun in an excellent environment. Besides, you will embark yourself on the adventure that takes place deep under sea level. All sea creatures are there. Seahorses, sharks and lobsters… You will try to win the main prize, but you will also enjoy in discover glittering treasures at the bottom of the sea. Well, not literally, that is just a slogan.

4. Game of Thrones
This is the most appealing game for all new users. Like the TV show, The Game of Thrones is proving to be a blockbuster hit amongst android pokie players. The characters and the situations are used from now already famous TV show. So you will enjoy in a game itself, but also in all things that include this magical kingdom called Westeros. Maybe in this game, Ned Stark will not die.And-begin

Online Casino gambling

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0213_gambling-800x480Gambling on the Internet is very well known all over the world. There are good and bad sides of gambling as you already know. The key of success in gambling those types of games is the limit. If you yourself can say yourself when to stop then you should not be afraid of the consequences of online gambling. Games that are today the most famous in the world are certainly blackjack poker and slots. The principle of playing poker and blackjack is very similar. 25e6c4fThe luck lies in the cards, and it is depended on your whole game. The slots are different because the objective of the game is to hit the same three characters. Please note that all those games have at least one of its smaller subtypes, so you will surely find one that is adequate for you.

All these games now you can play online for real money. This is a great thing for people who do not have time to visit the casino every day and really loves to play this game. All you have to do is to find an appropriate site for which you feel that your money is safe. After selecting the page, you must to create your account and link your account from the bank with that page so that you can immediately raise your earnings. Choose those sites that have a lot of players and which offers you playing for money and also for fun. Tonline-gamblinghese sites are offering very simple registration process and above else this is very easy thing. Then you are set to go and you can play any game you want. The most important thing is fun.

If you find a site that offers you play for real money and for fun, it will for sure make your game easier. Many people use the principle of playing for fun because in that way you can train your skill and learn many new things. Skill sometimes isn’t the most important thing when it comes to online gambling. For instance, playing the slots on machines in some casinos doesn’t require any special skills except kicking and hitting those buttons. For online versions skill isn’t required. Everything goes on some sort of plan and you are simply pulling the lever which sometimes doesn’t mean anything.

When it comes to poker for instance, skill there is required and you need to have great intellect when you are playing poker. If you are playing poker online then you are having some advantages because nobody will interrupt you and make you some problems. This means that you will be always focused on your opponents. A great example of interesting game of chance where skill is required is black jack. There you need to predict which card will come out. This is a real mind game.

Anyway check out these games online and try to improve your skill. You can play for real money or you may not but the most important thing is that you are having fun. Gambling is great so why shouldn’t we gamble.

Advantages of iPhone casino apps

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Ever since the online gambling market has first been formed, online casinos have been growing in number and aiming to fulfill the needs of all the users who register and play the games. Nowadays, when you want to gamble, you do not need to go to a brick-and-mortar casino. You can sit in front of your PC, find an online casino website and start playing any game you like. With the development of smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets and iPads, online casino games have gotten a new dimension. Instead of sitting in front of the computer, you can choose to install an app on your mobile device and play your favorite wherever you are.screen520x924

In this article, we will deal particularly with iPhone casino apps, since it is one of the most recent ways of playing online casino games. iPhones and other iOS devices have only recently begun to be recognized by gambling market, but once it happened, online casinos started developing iPhone gambling apps incredibly fast. Now, there are many games you can play on your iOS device, such as iPhone pokies, iPhone roulette and many more games that are also available in both traditional casinos and in those based online. When it comes to iPhone casino games played through apps, they have several advantages over those that can be played on PC only:Casino-Gambling-Apps1

Security – even though there are plenty of safe and reliable online casinos, there are still many of those that are not regulated and gambling on their websites poses much larger risk. One of the advantages of iPhone casino apps is that Apple is a company very dedicated to security and testing. Therefore, there may be less iPhone gambling apps, but there is much higher possibility that they are secure, safe to use and that they were created by a reliable casino games provider.

Well designed – one of the perks of iPhones everyone emphasize is their sophisticated design. Not only that the phones are well designed, but the case is the same with the apps that are installed on them. Casino apps for iPhones follow this trend. Not only that most of them are designed so they are pleasant to look, but their design is also clean and not over-crammed with details, which makes it much easier to play the games and to be able to follow what happens in a game.

Fast responsive – another advantage of iPhones in general is that they are very fast-responsive. The combination of this trait and the fact that Apple Company is very dedicated to developing and releasing high-quality apps results in a fact that casino apps for iPhones are fast-responsive and they do not cause problems for their users.
Possible to play casino games anywhere – just like casino games that can be played on other mobile devices, the advantage of iPhone casino games is that they can be played anywhere. If you have an account on an casino website, you can sign in through the app and play anywhere you can find Wi-Fi connection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best of Free Mobile Pokies

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spinpalace-mobile-appIf you are ready for the incredible art that provides mobile poker games, this article will instruct you how to easily and quickly get to the games that suit you for free. Now you can play mobile pokie games on your mobile phone. All games support HTML5 format to suit all smartphones. Although the current selection of games for mobile phones is less than a choice for desktop PCs, there are plenty of games that are on offer. Every day there are new games, so in the next few years, the number of games for computers and mobile phones should be equalized.

Whether it should be Connected to the Internet While Playing? You should, and it is necessary. You need good WiFi connection because it is impossible to play pokie games while offline. On the Internet you look for opponents so the game is much more interesting.

Does the Game Take up a Lot of Memory on Mobile Phones?
Answer is no. The games are in the main memory for each of customized mobile phones and do not take up more space than the classic Internet search. Therefore, without fear, you can install several mobile pokie games if you have multiple favorite. Do not be limited to just one.

Can I Play for Real Money? Of course you can. You can play without money for fun but you can also play mobile pokie games that are played for real money. Later, you need to join a corresponding online casino. Who like to play mobile games knowing that the best progressive jackpot allow large gains? Of course, you can always play the free version if you just want to have fun.

mobile-slots-iphoneCan I Play Mobile Pokie Games on the Move?
The answer is yes! Mobile poker games allow you playing anywhere and at any time, depending on your mood and options. You can use at any time, while relaxing by the pool or traveling by train home from work or you just want to relax while you are waiting in the waiting room for the doctor. They are available at absolutely every place. Despite the small screen you have the ability to increase symbols in games. Here is a modern technology has reached its peak.

How to Find Online Banking for Mobile Pokie Games?mobilepokies
It is very easy to find online banking system, which allows you investing your money. The popular methods are Moneybookers, Click2Pay, Ukash and Ticket Premium. You can use Visa or Master Card debit card. The choose purpose of the banking system was left to the internet and it is necessary to create an account on one of the e banking web sites. When you set everything up, your funds will be automatically added to your account. This money can be used for many purposes. For further play, or for shopping or for simply keeping it on your account. The choice is completely yours – choose what you like to do !

Online gambling

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Online gambling

Online gambling has become very popular in the last few years, and many people visits that site with joy every day. These interesting games are poker and slots, as well. Many sites offer you different things so test and check all these games and sites before you decide which of them you will choose. Each type of poker and slots, there are a million of its subspecies so you will surely find one that suits you. Each site offers something new and something different. Each of them will receive, of course free chips so that you can come every day and play them, if you do not play for real money of course.

Playing games of chances for real money is a serious thing. There are really many people who are addicted to these games and the entrance to them all that they have. You really must to be carefulonline and take care of your money, because it is real. The great thing about playing for real money is that no one will interfere with you. There are many players who have problems with smoke or noise, light, the behaviour of other players who are constantly frustrated. When you play this game is in the real casino those reactions and problems are real because the real money is in the game, and when you play for money does of stress is of course always there. That is why playing poker, blackjack or slots is best to play out of your own home. There no one will interfere with you, there will be no cheating, and you will be totally calm. You need to get rid of stress and other life complicates in order to get some money by playing online games of chances.

We are talking about playing these games for real money all the time. Sure, these games are played and for fun. You will also find many sites on which you can play these games, and rehearse your tactics. The most famous social network Facebook has also introduced the famous play Texas Hold’em Poker. Millions and millions of players every day log in to the profiles, enter the game and meet many new friends from all over the world, which of course you can add as your friends on Facebook. Aside from this you can join up with some great tournaments of This is a really great game and you should play it.


When it comes to playing online slots you can select it very easily on the selected website and that can be very interesting. Playing it from your own PC can give you such thrill as never before. Of course, this still can provide you the feeling of hitting the buttons but you don’t have much choice. If you want to play slots, only a simple registration is required and you can do it within seconds. Anyway, have fun playing these online games of chances and the most important thing is to enjoy it all.

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